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What Happens to a Used Tyre?

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What Happens to a Used Tyre?

When a tyre comes off your car, it isn’t the end of the journey for the tyre. However, recycling tyres is not without challenges, the same properties that are prized and required while the tyre is on your car are also the same properties that hamper recycling.

Tyres don’t biodegrade and are a fire risk as they burn hot and for a long time- producing toxic fumes and thick black smoke.  Tyre fires can burn for days and sometime weeks. Tyres are now recycled in to many different things and in many different ways instead of dumping them in landfill.

Many tyres are shredded and then recycled from there. Once the tyres have been shredded their have many industrial uses, anything from firing cement kilns to becoming crumb rubber modifier and then being used in pavements and roads. Old tyres are also used to keep us active- 42,000 old tyres are needed to be recycled to create on Olympic sized Astroturf, while a running rack can use up to 13,500 old tyres.

Tyres have also be recycled and reused in more colourful and interesting ways, anything from flower planters to children’s swings and adventure play parks. Blake McFarland has been using old tyres to create stunning sculptures- check out his work on Bored Panda

The internet is full of artist and inventive people who have come up with very different uses for their old tyres; anything from tables and chairs to light shades and speaker mounts. In the office we used some old tyres from one of our centres for flower planters- and they have worked a treat as the tyres protected the plants in the very cold snap with had.  Remember if you are using old tyres for vegetables or food stuff, to line the tyres first- due to possible contaminates from the tyre and don’t forget to wear gloves. A tyre side wall is supported by metal wire.

Part Worn Tyres

Some companies will resell old tyres that still have some tread left as part worn tyres. However, at Just Tyres we don’t sell part worn tyres. Tyres are the only part of your car that maintains contact with the road. If someone else has thought that they are too worn for their car – do you really want to put them on yours?

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