BMW 1 Series tyres

Since 2004, the BMW 1 Series has been marketed as the entry level to the German manufacturer’s range. Now in its second generation, unlike other subcompacts, the 1 Series is mostly sold as a rear-wheel drive, with this sporty car a fun and easy drive.

The first generation of the 1 Series was available as a hatchback, coupe, and convertible, and this range is compatible with a variety of tyres. Below is the most popular sizes of BMW 1 Series tyres:

  • 205/50 R17 V
  • 225/45 R17 V
  • 215/40 R18 Y
  • 245/35 R18 Y

If you need to check what size your existing tyres are, you can find this information on the sidewall of your tyre. You can also try our quick and easy vehicle registration search tool.

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Ratings from A-G
A = Best Fuel Economy

WET GRIP wet grip

Ratings from A-G
A = Best wet weather

NOISE LEVEL noise level

The lower the decibel,
the quieter the tyre