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Welcome to Just Tyres, the UK’s leading independent tyre fitter.

We are confident that whatever tyres you need, we are able to provide them, along with great pricing and excellent service. We pride ourselves on our advice and guidance when needed, quickly and efficiently service by using all the latest technology. We aim to, not just meet your need for tyres, but also make it a quick and simple process.  If you need any advice please don't hesitate to call us on 0333 220 5071 today.


We are independent and between us, we have over 100 years of experience in fitting of tyres. Independent means just that, unlike many other tyre retailers we are not owned or operated by a tyre manufacturer, leaving us free to offer an unbiased opinion on which tyres best suit your needs and offer you a wide range of tyres.


We currently operate 39 tyre fitting centres nationwide and pride ourselves on the knowledge and passion that each of our carefully recruited team possesses. Just Tyres specialises in the sales of tyres, so you won't be under any pressure to buy shock absorbers or brakes because we don't sell them!


We supply and fit car, 4X4 and van tyres.  Each of our centres offers you expert knowledge and a wide choice of tyre brands such as: Michelin, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Continental, Avon, Marshal, Firestone, Dunlop, (to name just a few). Just Tyres is dedicated to providing the tyres you require at the cheapest price available whilst offering an unrivalled level of service.


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Continental is one of our most popular tyres online and now with this news about the SportContact 6 we can only see this continuing. It was the first competitive outing for the Continental SportContact 6 and it has claimed the top spot in the 19” tyre test.


The evo summer tyres works by putting 8 tyres from various manufactures through their paces through a selection of tests. The test highlights the best in the summer tyre market and spotlights in performance and technology used in producing the tyres. The tyre size that they tested was 235/35R19 and the SportContact 6 took pole position in dry and wet braking.


Don’t just believe us: evo said, “For the second year running, Continental triumphs in evo’s summer tyre test. The SportContact 6 built this victory on a very strong showing in the dry tests – it was the third fastest around a lap and unmatched for braking – combined with a competitive performance in the wet tests. There is no better all-rounder in this category.”


The Continental SportContact 6 will be arriving in centres soon, to find your nearest centre click here.




Our new webiste is here!! We canvassed our customers' opinions and asked them what they want to see when using a tyre website. Then we researched what gives users the best experience when buying tyres online. The results can all be seen in our new website that we've launched.

We're so pleased with the results and we hope that you will be impressed too.  The site makes it very easy for you to carry out a tyre search and gives you all of the information that you need to make an informed decision on the right tyre for your vehicle.  

But don't worry if you need some extra help, we're here to offer advice and guide you to the right tyre needed for your driving style and budget.  You can book an appointment at your nearest Just Tyres centre or why not use the Chat Facility where one of our tyre experts will be able to help answer any questions that you may have. 

If you would like a quote for your tyres, just fill out the form and we'll be back in touch with the details of the best options for your vehicle, you can then click the link for your chosen tyre and checkout online.  You can choose to have your new tyres fitted or have them delivered to your door, the choice is yours.

We hope that you find our website user friendly and we'd like to thank our customers for their input and feedback.


There are lots of options available when looking for new tyres for your vehicle. Apart from the major manufacturers such as Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Continental and so on, there are plethora of companies in the mid range and lower range categories.

Many second line brands which are available are made by the big manufacturers, and others that provide budget tyres in all corners of the planet. As such, the huge price difference in types of tyres is quite justified.

But why does this happen? All tyres look alike to the untrained eye. The question here is that is it worth buying the pricey premium tyres over budget tyres? The answer is a comprehensive yes. When paying more for a premium brand of tyres, you are not simply paying for the brand name. You pay for the technological innovations behind the high quality tyres and the millions of pounds spent in research and development of the products. The major manufacturers have the resources available to invest the time and money in innovative technologies, and so they are aptly positioned to provide the latest developments in the products.

The other brands tend to follow trends and can apply the new technologies up to years later. This doesn’t mean that their products are unusable or inadequate.  It simply means that they are not able to provide the best technologies in their tyres as quickly as the major manufacturers. Most of the tyres tests are done under extreme conditions, but you as a vehicle owner will most likely never undergo through these conditions.

The differences in the products aren’t very apparent in ideal circumstances. If you think that the conditions you drive in require extra attention to the tyres, then premium brands are your answer.

Other brands

There are lots of brands offering mid-range tyres from leading manufacturers, who offer technological innovations almost at par with the premium brands, but aren’t too well known among customers. These brands are generally priced above the budget brands but below the premium brands, and can provide excellent value for money. Some examples in this sector include Falken and Toyo, two Japanese brands, and Kumho and Hankook, which are Korean.

The next is the budget brands. Most of the cheap or budget tyres can offer good quality at affordable prices. These tyres are good for drivers who are involved in relatively lower use of vehicle, and perform mainly urban, low mileage driving. Some of the brands that fit this category are Kenda, and Federal, which are Taiwanese.  

Finally, when looking for tyres in a place that has very high or very low temperatures, premium brands are the best bet for you. The high cost of these tyres is properly justified in challenging circumstances where they can clearly outdo their cheaper counterparts. The overall life of premium tyres can be greater than budget tyres, and you may need to replace your tyres less often.  As such, the cost of premium brands can be justified since budget tyres, can need to be frequently changed, in the long run.


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