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Just Tyres Worksop
Unit 1 Vesuvius
Spinella Road
S80 3NE

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Why Our Worksop Fitting Centre?

  • The price we quote, is the price you pay. No hidden extras or add ons!
  • You will only wait a maximum of 30 minutes, unless we advise otherwise
  • We stock more options than any other tyre fitter in Worksop
  • We're COVID-19 compliant (please continue to follow government guidelines on face masks)
  • Our expertly trained staff conduct all activity manually (no air guns are used) and are aided by the very latest equipment, ensuring the best job possible

Tyre Fitting Services at Worksop

Our team at Worksop are experts in the tyre and brake industry, and can offer advice on car, 4x4 and van tyres, along with checking your vehicle’s brakes and offering advice on any work that may be required.

Whether you’re looking for a top-of-the-range premium tyre like Michelin, Bridgestone or Continental, or something a little more budget friendly, we hold a wide range of stock. We’re confident that we’ll have the right tyre for your car and driving requirements.

Pop in today to see our friendly team or book an appointment on our website.


Car Tyre Fitting

When you buy your tyres online with us, you can book your fitting day and time at checkout. When fitting your new tyres, our experts conduct all activity manually to ensure the job is completed to the highest standard.


Wheel Alignment

If your wheels are aligned correctly, your tyres will wear evenly and last longer. If you have concerns about the alignment of your wheels, our experts can conduct a wheel alignment check for free.


Brake Pad Replacement

If you’re worried about the performance of your vehicle’s brakes, our experts can perform a free brake safety check. We’ll then discuss whether brake pad replacements are required.


Van Tyres Service

We stock a wide selection of van tyres in various sizes from major brands. Just buy your van tyres online and book fitting for a date that suits you.


Wheel Balancing

If your wheels are incorrectly balanced, your steering wheel will vibrate when you drive. When fitting your new tyre, we can check your wheel balancing and make any corrections.


Brake Disc Replacement

If your brakes aren’t responding properly, our experts can perform a safety check. This will show whether you need brake disc replacements. If so, we’ll provide a quote and timescale for the work.

About Worksop

Located on the River Ryton and close to Sherwood Forest, Worksop is a historic market down in Nottinghamshire. With a tradition for brewing, malt kilns were a regular sight in the town, and the trade continues with a number of local independent businesses.

Places of interest in and around Worksop include Mr Straws House, Clumber Park, and Worksop Priory.

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