Mercedes-Benz S-Class tyres

Formerly known as Sonderklasse, which translates as ‘special class’ in English, the S-Class is a flagship vehicle for Mercedes-Benz, and the best-selling luxury saloon in the world. Having been in production since 1972, the S-Class has often debuted the manufacturer’s latest tech and safety innovations.

Over six generations, the S-Class has been fitted with various tyres, and there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are the most popular sizes for Mercedes-Benz S-Class tyres:

  • 235/55 R 17

  • 255/45 R 18

  • 255/40 R 19

  • 255/35 R 20

To find the size of your existing tyre, look inside the sidewall of the tyre, or use our convenient vehicle registration search tool.

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    FUEL EFFICIENCY fuel cert

    Ratings from A-G
    A = Best Fuel Economy

    WET GRIP wet grip

    Ratings from A-G
    A = Best wet weather

    NOISE LEVEL noise level

    The lower the decibel,
    the quieter the tyre