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Just Tyres is open

Just Tyres Are Open

While operating during the Covid-19 pandemic we have had to adjust the way that we work and which centres we could keep open while considering staff and customer safety.

While closed to the public we have been working to ensure that our centres and teams are protected to allow us to open ...
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Look after your vehicle during lockdown

Caring for your vehicle during lockdown

With many of us using our vehicles much less or not at all during the COVID-19 lockdown, it’s important to consider how you can keep your car in top condition so that it’s ready to go when it’s safe to travel again.

Keeping your tyres in good condition

If tyres...
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Proud Partners of the Foxy Ladies Drivers Club

We are proud to announce that we are a female friendly approved business and part of the Foxy Ladies Drivers Club partnership scheme.  This partnership is of upmost importance to Just Tyres as it represents our values and ethos as a company.

It can still be daunting for females to have to...
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Tyre fuel efficiency

If you’ve spent any time looking through tyre descriptions, you’ll have noticed that there are a wide variety of different selling points manufacturers use to promote their products. For customers who aren’t too sure about what kind of tyre they need (and even for ...
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Rolling Resistance

Rolling resistance is a term used a lot in the tyre industry, and one you’re likely to come across when looking at details about various tyres. But what exactly does this term mean, and why is it important to consider when buying replacement tyres?


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Snow And Winter Tyres

All season tyres vs. winter tyres

When it comes to picking out a set of tyres there are a lot of things to consider - from the fit to the requirements of your car, it’s important to select the right tyre for your needs. Another factor that is also important to think about is the season.

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How long do tyres last?

How long do tyres last?

When you’re looking for a set of replacement tyres there are a lot of things to consider, and one of the most common questions customers ask is: how long do tyres last? While this is a fair question to ask, unfortunately there is no definitive answer.

The quality of the tyre does of cours...
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Tyres stacked, painted and dressed as a minion

What Happens to a Used Tyre?

When a tyre comes off your car, it isn’t the end of the journey for the
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Car safety statistics

Make car safety your Deal Breaker

Continental tyres UK (a Stop the Crash Partnership Member) have shared research by the Stop the C...
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A clock and two tyres

How to Check your tyres tread depth

Do you know the right way to check your tyres tread depth and that you can do it simply by using a 20p piece?

We've put together a video to show you how to check and...
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