Brake Pad Replacement

Brakes are an essential safety aspect of your vehicle and so it's important to make sure that they offering optimal performance at all times.

Many of our centres now offer brake checks and replacements, to see if your local centre does, just click here

If you have any concerns about your vehicles braking ability or hear any noises from them ie. grinding or squeaking or if you feel they are spongy when pressing the brake pedal or it feels softer than normal and quickly goes all the way the the floor, nows the time to get booked in for a FREE brake safety check.

Free Brake Check

Our friendly experts will carry out a no obligation brake safety check which includes:

  • Testing your brake fluid
  • Measure the depth of all front brake pads
  • Check the condition of the pads
  • Measure the thickness of your front brake discs
  • Check the condition of the discs
  • Assess your calipers and sensor leads

If any issues are identified one of our team will show you their findings and provide a quote along with a timescale to complete the work.

If there are no issues found, great! You have peace of mind at no cost to you.

Plus should you need any replacement parts they come with a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty*

Brake Pads

Brake pads form one of the key parts of your vehicles braking system and provide the friction needed to slow and stop the car.  Because of the force needed to bring a vehicle to a stop, brake pads undergo extreme stresses whenever the brake pedal is pressed which is why you need to make sure that they are fit to do the job they are required to do.


Brake Discs

Brake discs are an iron or carbon composite disc that attaches to the suspension of the car and is gripped by the brake pads to slow and stop the car when you press the brake pedal.  The brake disc helps to dissipate the heat generated through the braking force and give consistent braking performance.


Brake Calipers

Brake calipers are one of the most important parts of the braking system as they hold the brake pads in place and apply the pressure to the pads to ensure that your vehicle slows and stops when the brake pedal is used.


All three of the above brake sections need to be in top condition to work well and ensure that your brakes react as expected when you apply pressure to the brake pedal.  It's also important to have an even braking experience on both sides of the car which is why we recommend changing the components on both sides of your vehicle, rather than just one side in isolation.

To take advantage of our FREE brake safety check, ensure that your local centre offers this service by checking the list below and then give them a call or contact our Operations Office on 0333 220 5071 who will be happy to help.

Brake safety checks and maintenance are currently carried out in the following centres:

Leamington Spa
St Neots
Rooksley Milton Keynes
Old Stratford
Potters Bar
High Wycombe

*whichever is the sooner

Customer services: 0333 220 5071 [email protected]

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