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Fleet Customers

Company Vehicle Tyres

If you drive a company vehicle, there's a good chance that Just Tyres can fit your tyres. As a member of the Major Fleet Dealer Networks, we are able to accept work from all the major contract hire, leasing and vehicle management companies.

All of our Just Tyres staff have the specialist knowledge required to give accurate information and advice to high mileage tyre users and stock a wide range of stock to ensure a fast and trouble free service. We provide full details of the transaction on a printed worksheet, enabling you to keep track of vehicle costs.

Do you run a fleet of vehicles? Would like access to our nationwide fitting centres? We are happy to offer direct account facilities.  To open an account with Just Tyres, simply click here to email us  or telephone 0333 220 5071 and speak to a member of the Accounts Department. 

Customer services: 01908 222208 [email protected] Calls are recorded for training purposes


Ratings from A-G
A = Best Fuel Economy

WET GRIP wet grip

Ratings from A-G
A = Best wet weather

NOISE LEVEL noise level

The lower the decibel,
the quieter the tyre