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Kampala Childrens Centre


Just Tyres is proud to have been supporting the Kampala Children’s Centre for a couple of years. The Centre works in the Wakiso region of Uganda, and is based just outside Kampala. They adopt abandoned children and give them stable and loving homes within the charity. They work closely with the police and other government agencies, as many of the children have been orphaned and many have been the victim of horrific and tragic experiences. Their aim is to re-establish the family environment, protecting the children from exploitation, neglect and the abuses they would have otherwise faced.

Just Tyres has chosen to work with the Kampala Children’s Centre, offering both financial and hands on support for disadvantaged children, who are cared for by the centre. 

Kampala Childrens Charity

Donate to Kampala Childrens Centre

There are 6 levels of donation £1 £2 £3 £4 £5 £10

The number to TEXT is 70070

The code to type is KAMP01 then a space, then a £ sign and then a 1,2,3,4,5 or 10 i.e. KAMP01 £5

A reply text will be sent saying thank you for supporting Kampala Children’s Centre and also offering a web link to gift aid the donation.

NoteThis service is only available at this time for UK Mobile phones


You can also donate at our Fitting Centres- please make a £1 donation in store when you are paying for your tyres. 

Why Kampala Childrens Charity? 

At Just Tyres we believe that hard work and dedication can overcome most obstacles.  However, when circumstances are so difficult and challenges are so demanding, it can be almost impossible to succeed alone.  The children taken in by the Kampala Children’s Centre are often displaced, orphaned and struggling to survive day by day.  KCC was founded in 2005 by the NDE Network and in the intervening years, Uganda has been torn apart by war.

We believe that all children should have the right to safe surroundings, love and education and this is provided in abundance by the team of people who founded and run the Kampala Children’s Charity.

 To find out more about the charity or to get involved, visit the KKC website

Spread the word

We want to spread the word about the amazing work carried out by this charity and support them by carrying out fund raising events, donating crucial everyday education items and visiting Uganda to really appreciate how we can help.

All of our work with the charity including staff charity events and visits to Uganda will be shared on our Facebook page, so if you'd like to hear more about our involvement why not follow us or read our latest updates on our News page.


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