Winter Tyres

At Just Tyres we are committed to ensuring that our customers are safe on the roads and especially so when the cold weather season approaches. We appreciate that not everyone may be aware of the benefit of using Cold Weather Tyres or Winter Tyres.  

Once you see the benefits of using Cold Weather Tyres you can order online, buy them in one of our centres on contact us on 0333 220 5071 for more information, we'd be happy to discuss your requirements further and assist in getting Cold Weather tyres fitted to your vehicle.

What are Cold Weather Tyres?

Cold Weather Tyres are manufactured differently to Summer Tyres.  Cold Weather Tyres have a larger volume of natural rubber added during the manufacturing process, this decreases the hardening of the tyres in freezing conditions and therefore offers more grip to the road.


Can I only use these tyres when it snows?

No, Cold Weather Tyres are designed to assist you throughout winter.  We recommend using the tyres from October - March. When driving in certain European countries it is mandatory to use Winter tyres during this time.


Are Cold Weather Tyres cost effective?

Yes we believe that owning both Cold Weather and Summer Tyres is both beneficial and cost effective.  By using tyres that are specifically manufactured to your road conditions, you are prolonging the life of both sets of tyres.  Most customers don't replace their Cold Weather Tyres annually as they can be reutilised the following year (subject to condition of your tyres).


Can I use Cold Weather Tyres all year round?

Although Cold Weather Tyres can be utilised all year round, you will see the best performance from them during the winter season.  Outside of this season, we would recommend using tyres that are specific for summer driving to increase the longevity of your tyres.


Who makes Cold Weather Tyres?

All of the leading tyre brands are committed to ensuring that their users are kept safe on the roads during the cold weather, we stock a great range of these tyres from all of the leading manufacturers.


Will Cold Weather Tyres effect my Insurance?

Many insurance companies do not increase their premiums for fitting Winter Tyres as they appreciate that Winter tyres have a beneficial impact on driving conditions (but are no substitute for sensible driving). Some do require to be informed when the tyres are being fitted.  The Association of British Insurance provide a list as a summary, for a more personal and detailed information, please contact your insurance company.


Are there any specific all weather tyres available?

Yes, several manufacturers have launched an all-weather tyre into the European market.  All- weather tyres are designed to combine the best of winter and summer tyres. Giving you improved grip on frozen ground in the winter and their unique tread patterns reduce the risk of aquaplaning.


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