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Motorcycle Wheel Balancing

Unbalanced motorcycle wheels prevent your bike from performing as well as it can, which can lead to increased wear and the risk of damage or an accident.

Why is motorcycle wheel balancing important?

If left unchecked, unbalanced wheels can cause unnecessary stress to the wheel bearings, which will make your tyres hotter, accelerate wear, and loosen fasteners.

Is wheel balancing the same as wheel alignment?

No, wheel balancing and wheel alignment aren’t the same.

Wheel alignment ensures your tyres are perfectly aligned with each other so both make contact with the road in a straight line and don’t cause additional wear.

Wheel balancing is the process of making sure the weight of each wheel is perfectly balanced. A balanced wheel will spin evenly and provide a smoother ride and result in less wear.

How to tell if you need your wheels balancing?

If your wheels need balancing you may notice vibrations when driving.

If you undertake regular tyre checks - which you should do at least once per week - you may also notice uneven wear.

Why do wheels become unbalanced?

An imbalance is caused by a change in the distribution of weight. This may be caused by wear or damage, and can be as a result of incidents such as hitting potholes or scuffing the kerb.

What would happen if you didn’t balance your tyres?

If you spot signs of an imbalance in your tyres, ignoring them will lead to further wear, which in turn will lead to possible damage to your bike. If you suspect your wheels may need balancing, it’s advised you do so as soon as possible.

How are motorcycle wheels balanced?

It’s recommended that you take your motorcycle to a tyre and wheel specialist, who will be able to accurately measure the weight distribution in your wheels and pinpoint where the imbalances are.

Once the imbalance has been identified, small weights are added to the wheel to ensure the balance is restored. This will then improve wear and reduce vibrations.

How often do motorcycle wheels need balancing?

Ideally, it’s recommended that you check your motorcycle tyres before each journey for signs of damage and wear. You should also check your tyre pressure at least once per week.

During your visual check, if you find uneven wear you should consider having your wheels balanced to correct an imbalance - especially if accompanied by vibrations.

If you don’t spot any wear, it’s still recommended that you have your wheels balanced once every six months, or every 4,000-6,000 miles - whichever comes first.

How to balance motorcycle wheels

It can be difficult to balance your wheels at home, as you’re unlikely to own all the necessary equipment.

Wheel balancing requires a balancing machine, which will find the exact location of the imbalance, and how much weight needs to be added to correct it. This is usually done by a professional 

It’s not recommended that you attempt to balance your wheels yourself unless you have the right tools and training. Doing so incorrectly can result in the wheels becoming even more unbalanced.

Need new tyres for your vehicle?

Do you need new tyres? Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide motorcycle tyres, however, we do offer a wide range to suit all budgets for other vehicles. To buy new tyres, just search using your vehicle reg by popping it into our handy tool - it only takes a few minutes.

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