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Tyres for your Motorhome

Motorhome tyres, otherwise known as camping tyres are specifically designed for mobile homes.  The manufacturers have designed them to incorporate features that are important to keep you safe while travelling in your Motorhome.

A fully laden Motorhome will generally weigh much more than a passenger vehicle and so this puts a lot of weight onto each one of the individual tyres.  This creates a challenge as it means the tyres need to be able to bear more weight and be able to be inflated to a higher pressure too.  

We've looked at what makes a camping tyre different to other more standard tyre designs.

What makes a Camping Tyre different?

The most important quality of a motorhome/camping tyre is that they have been designed to be able to carry a heavy load. Please note that the pressure required by certain motorhomes exceed the maximum working pressure of a standard van tyre which is why it's important to consider a tyre specifically designed for camper vans/motorhomes. Please check your motorhome's requirement when ordering. 
A motorhome will in itself be a heavy load, add to that your essentials and luxuries for travelling and the load put on each individual tyre is high.

A motorhome/camping tyre has a tougher sidewall which brings with it advantages.  It allows the tyres to be run at a high pressure and makes them more rigid which gives the vehicle a much more solid ride, meaning it will hold more steady when driving.

These tyres will also have different tread compounds to help you navigate wet campsites and roads.

Which Camping tyres do we stock?

We offer a wide range of specifically designed tyres that have been manufactured to withstand the weight and pressure of a heavy responsive vehicle.

 Motorhome/camping tyres are identified on our tyres with the Motorhome Tyre Icon

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