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Audi is a German manufacturer with roots in various companies. As a result, the company's now iconic four rings logo represents the union between the different makers it represents. Today, Audi is one of the biggest manufacturers of luxury cars in the world, alongside Mercedes-Benz and BMW. 

As a leading brand of the Volkswagen group, Audi is renowned for its stylish designs and impeccable build quality. As a result, Audi cars are produced and sold all over the world.

The Audi range starts with the sporty A1, which is an entry-level supermini and is a mainstay on UK roads. However, Audi also produces the hugely popular A3, which is a multi-award-winning subcompact car and the Audi A5, which is a popular executive coupe. At the top of the range, you'll also find the Audi Q3 and Audi Q7, which are Audi's forays into the crossover and SUV markets respectively. 

Of course, different Audi vehicles require different Audi tyres. While your economical Audi A1 might be perfectly suited to something like a Michelin Energy Saver+, a larger Audi model like an Audi Q3 will require something like a Goodyear Efficient Grip SUV. In this section, we will offer advice on replacement tyres and popular tyre sizes for the four most popular Audi models: the Audi A1, A3, A5 and Q3. Just select your Audi from the list to get started.  

Why Buy Audi Car Tyres from Just Tyres? 

Audi works alongside various tyre manufacturers, and at Just Tyres we offer a wide range of tyres that will suit the full Audi range of vehicles.

Just Tyres is an independent supplier of car tyres. As a result, we are not affiliated with any one manufacturer. This means we offer an unbiased opinion on the best tyres for your Audi. Whether you’re looking for fuel economy, performance or ride quality, we know which tyres will work best.

Simply click on your model of Audi and discover a great range of Audi car tyres that are perfectly suited to your vehicle. 

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Ratings from A-G
A = Best Fuel Economy

WET GRIP wet grip

Ratings from A-G
A = Best wet weather

NOISE LEVEL noise level

The lower the decibel,
the quieter the tyre