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Electric Vehicle Tyres

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Electric Vehicle Tyres and everything you need to know

The electric vehicle (EV) market is growing and with the switch to total electric or hybrid cars coming in the near future, many people are choosing an Electric or hybrid vehicle to replace their diesel or petrol engine car now.

As this market emerges, tyre manufacturers are working closely with vehicle manufacturers to produce the best tyres for their electric vehicles which can have some additional requirements to their standard tyre range.  If you imagine an electric vehicle is much quieter than a combustion engine, meaning that any road noise from the tyres is extremely obvious and can be very annoying for the driver.

EV cars are also heavier than a traditional vehicle due to the battery weight, meaning that the tyres have to carry a heavier load, it also means that they need to withstand increased torque which an EV provides, but not so much so that it reduces the range of the vehicle.

This means that it's important to consider the right tyres for your EV or hybrid vehicle when it comes to changing them.

What should I consider when buying tyres for an electric vehicle?

  • Extra vehicle weight supported by a reinforced tyre (these can be HL rated for electric vehicles).  EVs tend to have a significant amount of their weight located in the battery pack which is usually in the lower part of the vehicle.  This can impact tyre wear and handling.  Consideration should therefore be given to tyres tha can handle the weight distribution and provide excellent grip as this will enhance the driving experience.
  • Range of vehicle means that you need a tyre with low rolling resistance.  One of the key advantages of electric vehicles is their efficiency so using tyres with a low rolling resistance can help to maximise the range.  This will also help to reduce the energy required to move the vehicle thereby helping to extend the batterys range.
  • Noise Rating needs to be considered as there is no engine noise, the road noise will be more obvious which can make tyre noise and road vibrations more noticeable.
  • Increased torque needs to be considered as an electric vehicle accelerates more rapidly and takes longer to come to a halt due to it's weight.  This can also put more stress on tyres during acceleration so you need to ensure that the tyre you choose can handle the increased torque
  • Regenerative Braking is used by many EVs to recover engery during deceleration, this can impact tyre wear, especially if the regnerative braking is aggrevsive so tyres that can handle varying forces are ideal.
  • If you are considering towing with your EV, you may need tyres that can handle the load carrying capacity of the vehicle

It's important to consult the manufacturer's recommendations for tyre specifications, including size, load rating, and speed rating. Additionally, discussing your specific driving habits and needs with a tyre professional can help you choose the best tyres for your electric vehicle.

An EV tyre has been designed to deal with the considerations mentioned above, with instant torque available on these vehicles it can impact the wear and tear of tyres so alongside good grip, EV tyres also need to have a low rolling resistance to help keep the vehicle range and ensure the tyres don't wear prematurely.

Just like any other vehicle, the climate and season where you drive can influence your choice of tyres, in the UK an all season tyre may be your best option for optimal traction in all weather conditions.

All of the main manufacturers including Continental, Michelin, Goodyear and Bridgestone are working with the vehicle manufacturers to produce EV tyres which are designed perfectly to work with specific models of hybrid and electric vehicles.  Their Research and Development departments work closely with the vehicle manufacturers throughout the design process to come up with the best tyre solution for that vehicle which is then fitted as original equipment when you purchase the car and can be purchased from us as an afterfit solution.

Our friendly team of tyre experts are here to help advise on the best product for your vehicle and driving requirements so if you have any queries, please get in touch or pop into your local Just Tyres centre, where they'll be happy to help.



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