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Are you on the lookout for a new set of branded tyres, or do you need to replace your worn-down existing set? Whatever your reasons for buying them, Just Tyres is one of the UK's best shops for high-quality, reliable tyres.

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At Just Tyres, we have thousands of tyres available online for you to choose from, and we offer the best tyre brands for every budget. This includes car tyres, van tyres, 4x4-tyres, motorhome tyreswinter tyres and more, each available with fitting in-store.

If you need cheap tyres online, we provide low prices for high-quality tyres. To offer you the very best tyre prices in the marketplace, our search engines are constantly looking across all markets in the UK and Europe, which means our online pricing is always updating.

Once you buy tyres online, they'll be delivered to one of our 39 nationwide centres to be fitted by our expert team. To buy your online tyres, just use the 'find your tyres' tool above to get the right ones for your vehicle. If you’re unsure how to measure the size of your tyres, have a look at our tyre sizing guide.

Why buy new car tyres from Just Tyres?

You'll get the best prices on a massive range of tyres online when you shop at Just Tyres. Unlike other brands, we are independent and only deal in tyres, so we can offer you the very best tyres to suit your needs, with no pressure to buy any extras.

We're also pleased to offer five years of warranty with every tyre you buy online from Just Tyres (T&Cs apply). This is because each option has been manufactured to the highest quality, which gives us full confidence that they'll serve you well.

Not only will you find a fantastic range of branded tyres online, but you'll be able to book a wide range of other services too. This includes free wheel balancing and brake safety checks. If anything's not quite right, then our team will fix it for you.

Customer service is at the heart of our operations and our 'Excellent' Trustpilot rating can vouch for that. Plus, our tyre tips let us help you further by providing advice to keep you safe on the roads.

Need assistance buying tyres for your car? 

We're an independent tyre dealership with a passion for tyres. This means we can provide the best advice on a wide range of brands, so you can pick the right ones for your car. Plus, we're an open and fair tyre supplier, which means we'll keep you informed about how our services work and how much everything will cost. Start your search for your new tyres today with Just Tyres.

Buy new tyres by brand

Selecting your tyres by brand is a great way to find the best tyres that the industry has to offer. We stock premium quality tyres which offer the necessary support for your vehicle when out on the roads. Some of the benefits include increased life span, better fuel efficiency, and greater handling which makes them a worthwhile, safe investment

Every brand comes with its own benefits, so be sure to check out the individual tyre pages for more information and to see if they'll fit your car. Alternatively, you can contact our friendly staff members who will be happy to help you.

Buy tyres by vehicle type

We have thousands of tyres available for lots of different vehicle types. This includes car tyres, van tyres, 4x4 tyres, caravan tyres, and more.

Unsure which tyre size you need for your vehicle? Simply choose your make and model from the selection on our vehicle model pages and we'll show you what tyres will fit it. This means you’ll find the perfect tyres for your vehicle in a couple of clicks when you buy online with us.

Alternatively, if you can’t find your vehicle in our list, just use our registration search tool at the top of the page and we’ll show you a personalised selection of results.

Buy tyres by season

As seasons change, so do driving conditions. That's why changing your car's tyres with the seasons will keep its performance at peak levels. We offer a range of summer, winter, and all-season tyres for you to choose from, with each offering unique qualities for enhanced driving performance.

Winter tyres

You'll want winter tyres for high performance when temperatures drop below 5-7°C. These tyres feature a high amount of natural rubber which makes them softer. This allows the tyre to interlock with surfaces better – even when they're frozen over.

Summer tyres

Summer tyres should be fitted once temperatures regularly reach 7°C or more. Typically, these are made from harder compounds, with a lower proportion of natural rubber compared to winter tyres, which offer the best all-around performance in milder, warmer temperatures.

Specific benefits of using summer tyres include better grip levels, greater stability, and optimum mileage when temperatures are higher.

All season tyres

When buying tyres online for UK weather conditions, all season tyres can be a great option. These offer qualities from both winter and summer tyres for a great balanced drive in most weather conditions. They're made up of a medium-strength compound which makes them suitable for use in moderate climates. You'll also get a deeper tread depth than summer tyres but less grip than winter ones.

This creates a balanced performance that can perform in a wide range of conditions. This, coupled with the convenience of not having to change your tyres every six months, is why they're a popular choice amongst our customers.  

Buying car tyres online FAQs

Finding and buying the right tyres for your car online can be a headache if you don't know what you're looking for. To help, we've answered some of the frequently asked questions about online tyre buying.

How do I find the best tyres to buy for my car

Finding the right tyres for your vehicle requires you to consider the following:

  • Tyre brand
  • Size, speed and load rating
  • How many you need
  • Type
  • Car brand
  • Season

How often do I need a car tyre replacement?

How frequently you need your car tyres replaced will be determined by how you drive your car. Typically, tyres have a lifespan of around 20,000 miles for front tyres and 40,000 for the rear. However, tyres can wear a lot faster due to the following factors:

  • Heavy car weight
  • Aggressively braking and cornering
  • Travelling at high speeds constantly
  • Having underinflated tyres
  • Poor wheel alignment

Do I have to replace all four tyres at once?

You can change as many tyres as you would like to at any one time. However, it's recommended that you replace them in pairs or all four at the same time. This is because it will keep your car balanced which will help with braking and handling on the roads.

Should you just replace one tyre, then you may find your car pulling to one side when you drive as well as less responsive braking. This could be potentially dangerous so should be avoided if possible.

Can I have my new car tyres fitted?

The price for each tyre we sell online includes fitting too. When checking out, you'll be asked to choose your fitting centre and pick an appointment time that suits your schedule. What's more, we provide a free wheel balancing with every tyre fitted and will dispose of your old tyres for free too.

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