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Looking for the right tyres for your Tesla? Here at Just Tyres, we've got a great selection at unbeatable prices. Whether you need Tesla-approved tyres or other tyres designed for EVs, we're here to help you find the best option for your model.

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About Tesla

Tesla's road to success has been a bumpy one. Now a household name, the company has faced bankruptcy at several stages since its incorporation in 2003 – most notably, after the financial crisis of 2008 and, more recently, during its development of the Model 3.

The company is as well-known as its co-founder and CEO, Elon Musk, who took that position in 2008, four years after first joining the board. Under his leadership, Tesla has become one of the most valuable brands in the world, rivalling McDonald's, Disney and Nike. Many would agree that the company has been one of the key driving forces behind the surge in demand for EVs across the world. It's also pioneered electric battery and charging technology.

The current Tesla range has been designed and manufactured to deliver a luxury, ultra-modern driving experience. Current models available in the UK include the Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y. Unfortunately for its fans,

the Cybertruck is unlikely to be sold in the UK or EU any time soon.

What types of Tesla tyres can I buy?

Tesla collaborates with leading tyre manufacturers to design and engineer tyres suitable for the demands of their vehicles. Our range of Tesla tyres includes OE (original equipment) tyres from manufacturers such as Michelin that are compatible with Tesla models. We also stock tyres from other premium manufacturers such as Goodyear which are suitable for EVs.

Whether you're searching for performance, winter or Tesla-approved tyres, we'll stock something for you and your vehicle. These are the main tyre types we sell:

  • EV tyres: Tesla models have specific tyre needs because they are EVs (electric vehicles). Due to being heavier vehicles, Tesla tyres withstand pressures and forces that non-EV cars don't face. And because of EV's quieter engines, road noise from their tyres is more obvious, so EV tyres are designed to provide peak performance and comfort for drivers.
  • Summer tyres: Made from a harder compound than natural rubber, summer tyres have shallower tread depths than winter or all-season tyres and deliver greater efficiency and handling on dry roads. They're ideal when temperatures are 7°C and above. Rain isn't an issue, so long as roads aren't too cold. For moderate climates, driving a Tesla with summer tyres fitted is usually fine.
  • Winter tyres: For temperatures below 7°C, winter tyres have deeper tread and higher natural rubber content (making a softer compound) to help your car 'stick' to the road. Additional sipes help to displace excess water, dirt and ice. If you drive during cold winters with lots of snow and ice, Tesla winter tyres are your best bet. Look for the ice symbol on our Tesla tyres to find our winter
  • All-season tyres: The all-rounders of the tyre world provide reliable performance throughout the year. All-season tyres have a balanced tread depth and pattern, helping them to excel in wet and dry conditions, as well as hot and cold. If you don't want the hassle of multiple Tesla tyre replacements every year, all-season tyres might be for you.

Which Tesla models can I buy tyres for?

Getting the right tyres for your specific car is crucial. We offer replacement tyres for a variety of Tesla models including the Model 3, Model X and Model Y.

Click on the relevant model below to view your options in detail and to learn more about Tesla tyres and the sizes needed for each. Alternatively, you can enter your details into our search tool at the top of the page to find the best tyres for you.

Tesla 3

Tesla X

Tesla Y


Why buy Tesla car tyres from Just Tyres?

We're an independent retailer, meaning we're not affiliated with any tyre manufacturers. So, you'll get impartial, expert advice based on your needs and vehicle. But there are more reasons to come to us for a Tesla tyre replacement:

  • We won't be beaten on price. So, if you've found Tesla tyres at a better price elsewhere, we'll try to match it in line with our price match promise. We'll even take 10% off the difference.
  • There's afive-year warrantycovering all tyres bought from Just Tyres and it doesn't cost you a penny extra. You'll getprotection against manufacturing defects and a complimentarytyre checkevery six months.
  • Need a new Tesla tyre fitted quickly?If you order before 10:30am on a weekday, we can often get you in for asame-day fitting. Come to one of our 39 fitting centres in the UK and we'll get you back on the road in no time.
  • As tyre and wheel specialists, we're experts when it comes to other services such as wheel balance checks, brake checks and tyre rotation. And we provide most of them for free!
  • We've got thousands of reviews from happy customers on our Trustpilot page. Check them out to see why we've earned our 'Excellent' rating.

Looking for more than just Tesla tyres? Head over to our Tyre Tips page for handy guides and how-tos on a variety of tyre and motoring topics.

Tesla tyre FAQs

How long do Tesla tyres last?

Original Tesla tyres should last between 20,000 and 40,000 miles. However, the longevity of your tyres depends on several factors including your driving style, the road conditions and how well you look after your vehicle and its tyres.

If you have tyres fitted that aren't Tesla-approved or designed specifically for EVs, your tyres could wear out quicker. The best tyres for a Tesla will handle the added weight and torque of these electric vehicles, providing greater longevity.

Can Tesla tyres be repaired?

Yes, most Tesla tyres with punctures can be patched and repaired if the damage isn't too extensive. However, we would recommend that you get Tesla tyre replacements for any that are damaged to maintain your safety and peace of mind.

What tyre pressure should a Tesla have?

Keeping your tyres at the correct pressure will extend their lifespan. The optimal tyre pressure for a Tesla depends on the brand of tyre. However, they're in the range of 42-45psi. For the necessary pressure on your specific model, check the tyre information label on the driver's side door or in the vehicle instruction manual.

How much do Tesla tyres cost in the UK?

The cost of Tesla-approved tyres and other EV tyres varies in the UK. Factors such as the brand, type of tyre and the Tesla model you have all determine how much you'll pay. OE (original equipment) Tesla tyres may cost a little more, but it's worth it to have tyres specifically designed for your Tesla model.

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