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Why go for Nexen car tyres?

Nexen is a world-leading brand within the industry, founded in 1942 and responsible for supplying the first tyres for vehicles in Korea in 1956. With three manufacturing facilities in both Korea and China, Nexen tyres now run on roads in over 150 countries.

Nexen offers a varied selection of tyres and we're proud to stock the best of the bunch here at Just Tyres. Our selected Nexen car tyres range from 16 to 17-inch diameters and up to 225mm in width. The brand's green concept tyre, the N'Blue HD Plus, offers excellent performance with lower emissions, all thanks to innovative technology.

There's a wide range of Nexen tyres to suit your driving needs. Our friendly team of tyre experts will be happy to help you decide on the right model by learning more about your driving style and preferences. Whether you prioritise longevity, road noise or performance, we can identify the supplies to match.

Prices for Nexen tyres are generally accessible, which is just another reason why this brand is so popular with our customers. What's more, with the Just Tyres price match promise, you won't find them cheaper with another online retailer.

Nexen Tyre News

What are the different Nexen tyre types?

Nexen knows how to help you make the most out of your car's performance – as well as keeping an eye on your budget. This brand offers respectable options to keep you rolling smoothly across dry and wet surfaces, with controlled handling and safe, easy cornering.

You can learn more about Nexen car tyres below:

Nexen N'Blue tyres

As the brand's most affordable line, Nexen N'Blue tyres are developed specifically for comfortable driving. If you're looking at these high-performance Nexen tyres, you'll need to choose between a few models.

The Nexen N'Blue HD Plus is a summer tyre offering excellent wet and dry performance, with four longitudinal grooves for enhanced stability in wet weather. Thanks to its asymmetric pattern and high-stiffness shoulder block, this tyre also offers improved cornering performance.

Nexen N'Fera tyres

Nexen N'Fera tyres are a reinforced type that excels in both wet and dry performance, with controlled cornering too. The N'Fera SU1 features four wide longitudinal grooves and specially adapted hydroplaning grooves to offer improved wet-weather performance.

Meanwhile, the N'Fera Sport offers the same high performance across all areas, with a few extra features for more control at speed. An innovative rigid centre block combined with far-side groove wall and block design allows these Nexen tyres to offer superior handling in wet and dry conditions.

Nexen winter tyres

Nexen also manufactures world-class all-season and winter tyres for peace of mind regardless of the weather. With innovative features seen across the N'Priz and N'Blue lines, Nexen all-season tyres combine long-lasting tread life with all-around comfort and low noise levels.

Nexen winter tyres in the WinGuard line offer outstanding performance in wet and freezing weather. Both studless and studded Nexen winter tyres help you to keep your vehicle under control in severe snow and ice.

Which Nexen car tyres can you buy at Just Tyres?

We're proud stockists of the most in-demand Nexen tyres in the UK, including the Nexen N'Blue HD Plus and HD Plus 3R, as well as the N'Fera Sport and N'Fera SU1. You can use our Find Your Tyres tool at the top of the page or view a selection below.

Why choose Just Tyres for Nexen tyres?

If you're hoping to buy Nexen tyres from a reputable supplier, here's why you should choose Just Tyres:

  • We won't be beaten on price when you buy tyres with us. We offer a price match guarantee which means that, if you find cheap Nexen tyres on another website, we'll aim to match the same price – with a further 10% off!
  • We supply tyres from leading industry brands, with only the best and latest tyre technology used in the manufacturing process. Since we're so sure that they're built to last, we offer a five-year warranty to prove our confidence.
  • If you're pressed for time, we can offer same-day tyre fittings. Just place your order before 10:30am during the week to qualify for this service.
  • Thanks to our exceptional customer service, we've received thousands of 'Excellent' ratings on Trustpilot. We're proud to go the extra mile to keep you safe on the roads and make the most of your vehicle.
  • When you visit one of our centres, our experts will happily offer plenty of other vehicle safety checks. These include wheel alignment, tyre inspections and brake health checks, plus many more brilliant services to keep you and your car safe.
  • If you'd like to learn more about looking after your new Nexen tyres, we've shared our Tyre Tips to keep your tyres in top condition at home.

Nexen tyres FAQs

Who makes Nexen tyres?

  • Nexen Tire is an established company and does not operate under another name or as a subsidiary. You can rest assured that any Nexen tyres you buy from us will be produced by the brand's own manufacturing facilities in either Korea or China.

Are Nexen tyres any good?

Nexen tyres are a sensible and affordable option whether you're looking for summer, winter or all-season tyres. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • Reliable in all weather conditions
  • Developed specifically for passenger cars
  • Innovative technology for smooth, comfortable rides
  • Great value for money

Is Nexen a good tyre brand in the UK?

  • Nexen tyres fall into the mid-range category alongside other leading brands sold in the UK.
  • The Nexen N'Blue HD Plus, the brand's leading high-performance summer offering, scores an impressive 84% for comfort on Tyre Reviews. Since cheap Nexen tyres are just as accessible as performance-focused models, this brand is known for versatility and all-round value.

Are Nexen tyres budget or mid-range?

Nexen manufactures mid-range tyres. While you can shop for budget Nexen tyres, you'll also find excellent deals on quality tyres produced by this brand. While you shouldn't expect the same unparalleled performance from top-end luxury tyre brands, Nexen tyres offer ample reliability, comfort and functionality for everyday driving.

How good are Nexen tyres in wet weather?

The capability of Nexen tyres in wet weather will depend on the particular tyre and model line you choose. Innovative tyre technologies are one of Nexen's main selling points, with reinforced sidewalls and lateral grooves to prevent hydroplaning, as seen in the N'Fera SU1 tyre.

How long do Nexen tyres last?

Your Nexen tyres should last between five and 10 years but there are several factors that could determine their lifespan. These include:

  • Keeping your tyres at the correct pressure
  • Driving smoothly and avoiding harsh braking or aggressive acceleration
  • Not overloading your car's maximum recommended weight
  • Ensuring that your wheels are properly aligned

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