Puncture Repair Check


Can car tyre punctures be repaired? 

Yes, it is absolutely possible to carry out a tyre puncture repair on cars, 4x4s and light vans, but this doesn’t mean that every punctured tyre can be repaired.

What looks like an easy fix on the surface may actually turn out to be a more serious problem, in which case a tyre should be replaced.

Please note that we follow manufacturer guidance for runflat tyres and do not carry out puncture repairs on these tyres.

When can a car tyre puncture be repaired?

At Just Tyres we will only consider tyre repairs if:

  • The tyre is above the legal tread depth limit of 1.6mm across 3/4 of the central part of the tyre, throughout the circumference.

  • The tyre’s rubber is not aged or deteriorating

  • There are no exposed chords or bead damage

  • There has not been a poor previous repair.*

Can you repair a car tyre with a nail in it?

Nails, screws and other bits of metal often cause punctures by sticking in your tyre. This is a real pain of course and potentially dangerous if not dealt with, but can you repair a tyre in this state? The honest answer is, sometimes. 

If your tyre satisfies the requirements listed above then yes, we can repair a tyre with a nail in it. If not, we’ll help you find a replacement that’s ideal for your needs and budget. 

Book an appointment or drop in to your local Just Tyres centre if you need help with your tyre.

How Just Tyres locates and repairs a puncture

In the interests of safety we never inflate above 180PSI and we then check and mark the damage that we have found. If a repair is possible we vulcanise using the cold chemical cure method and all materials will be compatible ie. patches and solution will be matched. Part of our process is to ensure that the tyre is capable of use at its original speed capability.

Puncture Repair Rules

How we make sure our repairs are safe

For repairs to car, 4X4 and light van tyres the British Standard BSAU159 defines the requirements for safe repairs and it's proximity to the sidewall. In order to ensure we remain compliant we will only ever carry out repairs to the centre 3/4 of the tyre as seen in the image below. If the puncture is outside of the green area we will not undertake a puncture repair.

*All of our repairs are completed to British Standards BSAU159, and for H, V, W, Y and Z rated tyres only one repair is recommended for safety, particularly at speeds over 120MPH. We are unable to repair runflat tyres due to their reinforced sidewall - this allows them to be driven for a short time after the tyre deflates, but as we would not be able to guarantee that the structure has not been compromised, we would not carry out a repair.

Need a puncture repair?

If you suspect your tyre has a puncture or you can see an object sticking out of it, please either book an appointment, or just drop into your local Just Tyres centre - we’re sure to offer tyre puncture repair near you. Find your nearest Just Tyres fitting centre

Our team of experts will be very happy to do a proper tyre inspection and advise you on whether a safe repair is possible, and if not will find you a replacement to suit your needs and your budget. 

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