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BMW 2 Series Tyres

Is it time to replace the tyres on your BMW 2 Series? A new set can reinvigorate the driving experience and help you maximise the performance of your 2 Series once again. But just any replacement won't do; your beloved car deserves only the best. Use our handy tool below to find the right tyres for your BMW 2 Series today.

About the BMW 2 Series

First introduced in 2014, the BMW 2 Series is a relatively new addition to the BMW range but has quickly become one of the brand's most popular models. Offering an impressive balance between everyday functionality and sports-car performance, it appeals to a wide range of drivers. It's highly rated by the experts, too, being named Coupe of the Year 2022 by Auto Express.

The Series 2 is best known for its deceptive size, contemporary styling and trademark performance. It's up there with some of the best compact executive cars on the market, including the Audi A3 and Mercedes CLA. And for users working their way up the BMW ladder, the Series 2 is a fantastic car if you've outgrown the Series 1 but aren't quite yet ready for the bigger Series 3.

Maximising all aspects of performance and safety in your car depends on reliable and quality rubber. At Just Tyres, we stock some of the leading brands to give you the best choice of tyres for your BMW 2 Series.

What BMW 2 Series tyre size do I need?

With several different body styles on the market, BMW 2 Series tyre sizes and prices can range depending on the model you own. However, the four most popular options are:

  • 205/55 R 16
  • 205/50 R 17
  • 225/45 R 17
  • 225/40 R 18

If you're not sure exactly which BMW 2 Series tyre size you need, you'll be glad to know we can help. Just put your vehicle's registration number into our search tool and we'll tell you which tyre size you require. You can confirm these sizes by looking at the sidewall of the BMW 2 Series tyres you're looking to replace if you want to.

Which BMW 2 Series tyres are available?

The BMW 2 Series is a great all-rounder, excelling in everyday life and those circumstances where you need more dynamic performance. But road conditions can vary wildly throughout the year, so we stock the following tyres for your BMW 2 Series:

  • BMW 2 Series winter tyres – For the toughest of road and weather conditions, you need tyres that can perform safely and reliabl Winter tyres are engineered to handle temperatures below 5°C and, with deeper tread and softer rubber, provide extra grip on wet and slippy road surfaces.
  • BMW 2 Series summer tyres – Designed for milder temperatures and less challenging road conditions, summer tyres are suitable for the majority of the year. They're created with firmer rubber and have a shallower tread to provide optimal performance in mild and warmer
  • BMW 2 Series all-season tyres – As the name suggests, all-season tyres are well-suited to handle driving throughout the year. Although they're not designed specifically for any one season, they provide well-balanced performance and reliability in wet, dry, cold and warm conditions. Their main benefit is that you'll have to change your tyres less often and can still maintain a good level of performanc

We also stock BMW 2 Series run-flat tyres if you're looking to replace old ones or give them a try for the first time. The best run-flat tyres provide additional protection in the event of a puncture and can even stop a blowout. With these installed on your BMW 2 Series, you can usually drive to a garage to get a replacement fitted after a puncture.

What tyres for a BMW 2 Series can I buy at Just Tyres?

We offer a range of tyres for your BMW 2 Series, depending on the size you require and the price you're willing to pay. That includes premium manufacturers including Continental, Michelin, Pirelli and Bridgestone. If you'd like some suggestions, use our 'find your tyres' tool to identify the best tyres for your specific BMW 2 Series model.

Why buy BMW 2 Series tyres from Just Tyres?

We're an independent retailer, so our experts can offer you impartial advice about the best BMW 2 Series tyres for your car. But that's not all we deliver:

  • You can be sure you're getting the bestdeals on BMW 2 Series tyresthanks to our price match promise. Let us know if you've found a better price elsewhere and we'll match it – and even take 10% of the difference off for good measure.
  • All our tyres come with a five-year warranty at no extra cost. We're confident it won't be needed but we understand it's nice to have the peace of mind.
  • In a hurry? We'll get you back on the road quickly withsame-day fitting if you order before 10:30am on a weekday.
  • We're tyre experts, so we offer a lot more than just tyres and fitting. Come to us for a range of services, including brake checks, wheel alignment and tyre rotation. Most of these are free and we'll ensure we offer competitive prices if we need to resolve any issues.
  • Customer service is very important to us and we like to think our 'Excellent' Trustpilot rating reflects that. We want to help you get the most from your BMW 2 Series tyres, so check out our handy Tyre Tips for more information and guidance.

BMW 2 Series tyre FAQs

Does a BMW 2 Series have run-flat tyres?

Most BMW cars come with run-flat tyres as standard but that doesn't mean your 2 Series is guaranteed to have them. Previous owners could have replaced the tyres and some older models didn't leave the factory with run-flats.

If you're not sure which type is currently fitted, you can usually tell by looking at the sidewall of your tyres. ROF, EMT and ZP/ZPS markings are indicators of run-flat tyres, each used by different brands.

What tyres are needed for a BMW 2 Series M Sport?

The exact tyre specifications needed for your BMW 2 Series may differ depending on which model you have. The M Sport line certainly needs a premium tyre to match the performance output of these vehicles, so you'd be best choosing a trusted brand such as Michelin or Continental.

For the tyre size you need, check the sidewall of your current tyres to see what is already fitted and use this to confirm the suggestions made by our 'find your tyres' tool.

Do I need BMW-approved tyres?

You don't need to choose original equipment (OEM) or manufacturer-approved tyres for your BMW 2 Series, but they are worth the investment if you're looking to maintain optimal performance.

Many manufacturers, including Michelin and Goodyear, work closely with BMW to engineer tyres that are perfectly crafted for specific models. This often results in better handling, greater stopping power and extended tyre longevity.

Buy new BMW 2 Series tyres today

Finding the best tyres for your BMW 2 Series is simple when you shop with Just Tyres. As an independent retailer, we won't try to push certain brands; we'll just help you find the best tyres for your vehicle.

If you need some support, pop into one of our centres or contact us today to speak to one of our experts.



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