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Mercedes A Class Tyres

Give your Mercedes the love and attention it deserves with a fresh set of A-Class tyres. Some new rubber can do wonders in elevating performance, improving safety and enhancing your driving experience. But you need the right tyres for your vehicle.

To get started, simply enter your registration below and our tool will help you find the best tyres for your Mercedes A-Class. Or get in touch with our experts who can help you find the right set today.

About the Mercedes A-Class

Originally introduced in 1996, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class was the manufacturer’s first foray into the competitive compact market. The so-called ‘Baby Benz’ may be the smallest of the range and positioned as an entry-level model, but it still packs a punch as you'd expect with any Mercedes.

At its core, it's a sporty, luxury car packed with typical Mercedes-Benz features and high-end touches. But it's all wrapped in a more compact package, making it accessible, affordable and popular with many different types of drivers, as well as one of the brand's best UK sellers. From young professionals and executives to small families, the A-Class is a versatile compact option.

Harnessing the best performance and maximising safety in your A-Class relies on it being fitted with quality, reliable parts. At Just Tyres, we offer many of the leading brands to give you the best choice of tyres for your Mercedes A-Class.

Which Mercedes A-Class tyre size do I need?

Finding the right tyre for your Mercedes A-Class depends on which generation, model and body style you have. The five most used sizes are:

  • 185/55 R 15 T
  • 195/55 R 16 H
  • 205/55 R 16 V
  • 215/45 R 17 V
  • 225/40 R18 W

If you're unsure which Mercedes A-Class tyre size you need, our search tool is here to help. Simply enter your registration number and we’ll tell you which tyre size is the perfect fit for your vehicle. You can confirm this by checking the sidewall of the Mercedes A-Class tyres you're replacing.

What types of Mercedes A-Class tyres are there?

The Mercedes A-Class is well suited to a variety of needs, providing trademark Mercedes-Benz performance and everyday capabilities. However, the roads aren't always as accommodating. That's why there's a range of options out there for different conditions, including:

  • Mercedes A-Class winter tyres: The colder months bring more rain, snow and ice making road conditions challenging. So, when temperatures go below 5-7˚C, get Mercedes A-Class winter tyres Winter tyreshave deeper tread patterns and a higher concentration of sipes which provide better grip on snow and icy road surfaces.
  • Mercedes A-Class summer tyres: Designed to deliver peak performance in dry, mild conditions above 7˚C, summer tyres contain less natural rubber so don't soften as easily as winter tyres. Their harder rubber, shallower treads and fewer sipes help to optimise acceleration and handling when grip isn't so much of an issue.
  • Mercedes A-Class all-season tyres: If you're trying to avoid changing tyres throughout the year, all-season options may be the best bet for you. Despite not being designed for one particular season, they provide decent performance and reliability in equal measure across the seasons, especially in temperate climates like ours.

Which Mercedes A-Class tyres can I buy from Just Tyres?

We stock a range of tyres suitable for the Mercedes A-Class depending on the size you need, the type you want and the price you're happy to pay. These include leading manufacturers such as Continental, Bridgestone and Uniroyal.

If you haven't already, enter your vehicle details at the top of the page and find the best tyres for your Mercedes A-Class that suit your driving needs and budget.

Why buy Mercedes-Benz A-Class tyres from Just Tyres?

We’re proud to be an independent retailer, so we can recommend the best Mercedes A-Class tyres according to your needs. It also means our experts always give free and impartial advice. But that's not all:

  • Our price match promise makes it easier for you to find the best deals on new Mercedes A-Class tyres. If you've found a better price elsewhere, we're happy to try and match it and take 10% off the difference as a bonus.
  • All our tyres come with a five-year warranty at no extra cost. This covers you against manufacturing defects and includes complimentary six-monthly checks.
  • Need to hit the road again quickly?We may be able toget you in for same-day fitting if you order tyres online before 10:30am on a weekday.
  • We're not just tyre fitters, we're tyre experts. That's why we're able to offer a range of services, including tyre rotation, brake checks and wheel alignment. Most of these are free of charge and we'll offer you competitive prices if any repairs are needed.
  • Whether you're visiting one of our centres or shopping online, we focus on delivering great service every time. Our 'Excellent' Trustpilot rating and thousands of happy customer reviews can vouch for that. Check out our Tyre Tips page to help you make the most of your new Mercedes A-Class tyres as well.

Mercedes A-Class tyre FAQs

Does the Mercedes A-Class have run-flat tyres?

Most new Mercedes-Benz cars come with run-flat tyres, including the A-Class model. However, your specific vehicle may or may not have them currently fitted. Check your tyres because a previous owner could have replaced them, or you may have a model that didn't come with run flats as standard.

Look for markings on the sidewall of your Mercedes A-Class tyres, such as Run-Flat, SSR, RFT, ROF and others, depending on the brand. These indicate whether a tyre is run flat or not.

Does the Mercedes A-Class need special tyres?

You don't need to opt for Original Equipment (OE) or Manufacturer Approved tyres for your Mercedes A-Class, but it's worth considering the quality of rubber you're investing in.

Cheaper tyres may not hold up with the performance of a sports car like this and are likely to wear faster. Premium Mercedes A-Class tyres cost more but are more likely to last longer and enhance your driving experience.

If you want only the best for your prized Mercedes, then it's best to opt for premium brands such as Continental, Bridgestone or Uniroyal.

What is the correct tyre pressure for a Mercedes A-Class?

The recommended tyre pressure for your Mercedes A-Class is best found in your vehicle handbook. Different models are likely to have their own ideal pressures because of weight and tyre size differences, and other factors such as performance enhancements.

Buy new Mercedes-Benz A-Class tyres today

With Just Tyres, finding the best tyres for your Mercedes A-Class is a whole lot simpler. We're one of the few independent retailers in the industry, meaning we won't push certain brands. Instead, we'll just help you find the right A-Class tyres and fit them at a time that suits you.

For support, information or advice, head to one of our centres around the country or contact our experts today.

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