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Enhance your driving experience with a new set of Volkswagen Polo tyres. From premium and budget options to seasonal tyres with specialised tread patterns, we’re sure to have something that fits your vehicle. Our expert team can help you make the right choice too.

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About the Volkswagen Polo

Ever since it was officially launched back in 1975, the Volkswagen Polo has been a common sight on the roads of the UK. It has long impressed with its progressive design, comfortable interiors and seamless driving experience.

The VW Polo has built a great reputation, with the manufacturer producing more than 18 million units. However, industry analysts love the vehicle just as much as owners. As a result, the Polo won the prestigious World Car of the Year award in 2010 at the New York International Auto Show and the '2018 World Urban Car' at the World Car Awards.

It's a staple on British roads and is well-loved thanks to its top-of-the-line safety features and driving experience that earned it a five-star Euro NCAP rating. 

Which size tyres do I need for my vw Polo car

Due to the Volkswagen Polo’s longevity, a wide variety of tyre sizes are available for fitment. The best VW Polo car tyres for your vehicle will depend on several factors, including its edition and body style. However, to help guide your search, the three most popular tyre sizes are:

  • 185/65 R15
  • 195/55 R16
  • 215/45 R17

If you’re unsure what you need, you can find your vehicle’s current tyre size on the sidewall of the tyre you’re replacing. Alternatively, try our convenient vehicle registration search tool to see a great range of VW Polo tyres for your vehicle.

What types of Volkswagen Polo tyres are available?

There aren't many road conditions that the VW Polo can't handle when equipped with the right tyres. To enjoy the best driving experience, it's recommended that you change them with the seasons. The main types we have available are:

Summer tyres

These tend to be the default tyre option for many UK vehicles and offer a firm road grip in both wet and dry conditions. Manufactured with heat-resistant hard compounds, summer tyres offer better fuel economy and more nimble handling when driving your VW Polo during the warmer months.

Winter tyres

When the weather drops below 5°C, VW Polo winter tyres will give you extra peace of mind when driving on frosty roads. The larger shoulder blocks, softer tread compound and wider circumferential grooves reduce your risk of aquaplaning and offer shorter braking distances on ice. Expect better grip and optimised traction when turning corners.

All-season tyres

If you don't want to change your tyres that often, all-season tyres offer VW Polo drivers the best of both worlds. Designed to offer 'middle-ground' performances in a wide range of British weather conditions, you can expect reliable durability and control on the road.

Why buy VW Polo tyres from Just Tyres?

We’re an independent supplier of Volkswagen car tyres for popular models including the Polo, Golf, Scirocco and Tiguan. Here are just a few reasons why you should trust us.

  • We’re not owned by a tyre manufacturer, so our experts can provide you with an impartial and unbiased opinion on what is best for your vehicle. We follow this up with our price match promise, so let us know if you find cheaper tyres elsewhere.
  • As an independent retailer, we can stock options from a range of VW-approved tyre brands like ContinentalUniroyaland Goodyear. Our offering includes everything from budget tyre brands to premium options. So, no matter what your price range, we have an option that suits your Polo. 
  • Every time you buy a set of tyres from us, we include a 5-year warranty to give you extra peace of mind. You could also get a same-day fitting slot if you order before 10:30am during the week.
  • Customer service is at the centre of our offering. Just take a look at the thousands of positive reviews on Trustpilot left by satisfied customers.
  • On top of a variety of VW Polo tyre options, we offer a range of car services that will improve your vehicle's fuel consumption, road grip and speed. These include Puncture Repair, Wheel Balancing Checks, Brake Safety Checks and a Tyre Rotation Service.

Volkswagen Polo Tyre FAQs

Do I need Volkswagen's own tyres for my Polo?

Big car makers like Volkswagen trust premium tyre manufacturers to offer highly engineered tyres that maintain the driving experience intended. Luckily, we have a wide selection of VW Polo tyres available that guarantee excellent handling, grip and on-road comfort.

How often should I change the tyres for my Volkswagen Polo?

After a certain amount of wear and tear, it's important to change your VW Polo tyres. It's recommended that drivers should get new tyres every 20,000 miles, although the back tyres may last longer. Damaged or worn tyres can significantly affect your vehicle's handling, fuel consumption, and stopping distance.

According to UK law, you must get your tyres changed before the tread depth drops below 1.6mm.

What's the difference between budget and premium VW Polo tyres?  

Choosing the right type of tyres for your Volkswagen Polo is an important decision. You can take advantage of the technical benefits of each brand to ensure optimum performance and safety standards. We stock a variety of tyres from leading and budget manufacturers, but understanding the difference between them will help you pick the most suitable option.

Budget VW Polo tyres

If you need more flexibility on price, budget tyres are the more cost-effective option. Despite being less expensive than models from premium brands, these tyres are still tested to ensure they meet quality and safety standards. They won't have gone through the same rigorous design and trial process as premium tyres so are unlikely to offer the same results, but they get the job done.

Premium VW Polo tyres

Though coming with a higher price tag, premium tyres from manufacturers such as Firestone, Dunlop and Michelin provide enhanced performance. They also last longer than budget alternatives thanks to the use of more durable materials and comprehensive technical research. ou The initial cheaper costs of budget tyres may be tempting, but premium options are more robust and offer better performance for your Volkswagen Polo. 

How to make my VW Polo tyres last longer?

Wear and tear is unavoidable, but there are some ways to make your VW Polo tyres last longer. These include:

  • Regularly checking your tyre pressure
  • Avoiding accelerating and braking aggressively
  • Taking corners slowly and carefully
  • Driving at the stated speed limit
  • Booking a wheel alignment check once a year

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At Just Tyres we are passionate about our customers safety and the service that we provide to them.  You can be assured that when you choose Just Tyres you will receive the best service, the right tyres for your needs and a great deal.

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