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How to Read Your Tyre Size

The side wall of a tyre holds a lot of information, and it can be hard to distinguish which parts you need when you order new tyres. Our handy guide below shows you where each piece of information is located. 

tyre side wall markings

1        Manfacturer's name or Brand Name

2        Model or Pattern Code

3        Tyre Size: Nominal Section width (mm), height to width aspect ratio, Rim diameter

4        Service description (Load index + Speed Symbol)

5        ECE R30 Conformity Approval Number

6        EEC Noise Approval Number

7        USA Dept. of Transport Manufacturer's code

8        Date of manufacture

9        USA UTQG Quality Grades **

10      USA Maximum Tyre Loading **

11      USA Maximum Tyre Inflation Pressure **

12      Denotes Tubless Construction

13      Safety Warning

14      Direction of rotation (Directional tyres only)

15      Outer (inner) sidewall (Asymmetric tyres only)

16      Extra Load: denotes higher load capacity than standard tyre

16a    'Reinforced' is an alternative marking to 'Extra Load'

17      TWI-tread wear indicators - raised areas at the base of the tread grooves to serve as a visual warning of when the tyre is approaching or at the minimum legal limit.

** These markings are required by North American legislation and have no significance in the UK & Europe

Customer services: 01908 222208 [email protected] Calls are recorded for training purposes


Ratings from A-G
A = Best Fuel Economy

WET GRIP wet grip

Ratings from A-G
A = Best wet weather

NOISE LEVEL noise level

The lower the decibel,
the quieter the tyre