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Why choose Continental tyres?

Continental AG is a German-based, premium tyre manufacturer. The Continental Tyre Group UK is responsible for the supply of tyres to the British market, and its mission is to provide quality tyres that deliver superb braking, handling, performance, and safety. Innovation is at the heart of its research and development.

Choose Continental today and feel confident that you're getting a superb set of tyres that will keep your vehicle performing with enhanced grip on road surfaces and responsive braking.

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Which Continental Tyres are available?

We sell many kinds of Continental tyres, suitable for different seasons or vehicle types. Here are some of the most popular options we have available.

Continental Summer Tyres

Summer tyres have a shallower tread than winter tyres and a lower proportion of natural rubber. They can adapt to higher temperatures without getting soft, meaning less friction and lower fuel consumption. The best time to fit these tyres is when temperatures start to rise to 7°C or more.

Continental Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are made up of significantly more natural rubber than their summer counterparts and perform best in conditions below 5-7°C. The higher amounts of natural rubber mean the tyre is softer and can interlock with the road better, ensuring you're safer on slippery or frozen roads.

Continental all season tyres

A blend of summer and winter options, all season tyres offer a balanced driving experience for the whole year. Continental four season tyres have lower tread depths than winter alternatives and higher tread depth than summer ones, which means they can handle a variety of conditions and road types.

Our Continental tyres aren't just for cars though, with suitable options for vans and campers available too.

Continental Tyres

Continental has manufactured some of the best tyres in the industry, including the Continental 4, Contact 5 and 6, AllSeasonContact as well as the  

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Why buy Continental tyres online at Just Tyres?

As an independent retailer, you can depend on us to offer impartial advice to help you find the right tyres for you. Here are some other reasons you should shop with us:

  • We offer some of the cheapest Continental tyres in the UK and our price match guarantee means you'll get unbeatable value. So, if you find cheaper Continental tyres elsewhere, then we'll match that price and knock a further 10% off too!
  • The tyres we stock come from leading brands and we trust them not to let you down on the roads. That's why we offer a five-year warranty on every tyre you buy online with us (T&Cs apply).
  • We can offer same-day tyre fitting if you're in a hurry. Just order your tyres online before 10:30am on a weekday to take advantage of this.
  • Our services extend beyond a new set of tyres too. You can also book in for a free wheel balancing, brake safety, and other checks alongside the fitting of your new Continental tyres at our UK centres. If any other issues arise, then we'll provide a quote and start working on them as soon as you give us the go-ahead.
  • We offer an unrivalled tyre and wheel service, but don't just take our word for it! Check out the many Trustpilot reviews we've had over the years too. What's more, our tyre tips offer advice and guidance to keep you safe on the roads once you drive away with your new Continental tyres.

Continental Tyres FAQ's

Learn more about Continental tyres in our FAQs below, so you can make a more informed decision when you choose your tyre upgrade.

Are Continental tyres good?

They are! Continental tyres are one of the biggest names in the industry, and produce products that not only enhance performance on the roads but uphold some of the highest health and safety standards too. You can depend on these tyres as an unrivalled option for your car, so browse our range today and find a suitable set for you.

Where are Continental tyres made?

Continental tyres are mainly manufactured in their country of origin, Germany. However, Continental also have factories in other countries around the world including Poland, China, and the USA. They're a global tyre powerhouse, which is why their products are sold in over 160 different countries.

How long do Continental tyres last?

You can expect your Continental tyres to last up to 10 years or 20,000 miles on average. Having said that, once your tread depth has worn below 1.6mm then you are legally required to change tyres – although it is worth noting that road tests found braking distances dramatically increased when using tyres below 3mm tread depth.

How long your Continental tyres should last before this happens changes from driver to driver though. This is because the way you drive can increase how quickly the tyre wears away. Avoid the following to delay that from happening:

  • Heavy car weight
  • Aggressively braking and cornering
  • Travelling at high speeds constantly
  • Having underinflated tyres
  • Poor wheel alignment

How to tell if Continental tyres are runflat

The tyre's sidewall is where you get most of the information you need and that includes the Run Flat status too. To see if your Continental tyres are Run Flat, look for the product model description, and if the final letters of it are SSR then the tyre is Run Flat.

If you're unsure if the Continental tyres you're buying are Run Flat, then we may be able to help. Contact one of our experts or learn how to read the tyre information in our handy guide.

Can you repair Continental tyres

It is possible to repair Continental tyres, but some damage and punctures can be more difficult to fix than others. If you think your tyres need repairing then it's best to book your car in for a free tyre safety check and our experts will let you know if we can fix the problem. If we can't, then we'll be more than happy to assist you in finding a replacement tyre.

Get great deals on Continental tyres today

We have a huge range of Continental tyres to buy at Just Tyres and offer a high level of service. Our team of experts can help you find the right tyre for you by learning more about your driving needs and what's important to you i.e. longevity, road noise, or budget. 

Contact us today or pop into your local Just Tyres centre and let us help you find a suitable tyre upgrade for your car.

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