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Toyo offers a wide range of premium tyres that can handle various roads and weather conditions to ensure your driving experience is smooth and straightforward. These tyres use the latest materials, which helps to give them excellent traction and cornering abilities. To find a suitable set of Toyo tyres for your car, please enter your vehicle registration number or tyre size below to get a personalised set of results to choose from.

Why should I buy Toyo tyres?

The Toyo Tire and Rubber Group is a worldwide tyre manufacturer established in 1945 with its headquarters in Osaka, Japan. It has had a presence in Europe for over 30 years and its three core competencies are tyres, chemicals, and materials – all of which are highly innovative and utilised in the development of their high-performing tyres.

When you buy Toyo tyres online from Just Tyres, you're getting a high-quality set that offers unrivalled performance across a wide range of terrains. Known for their manoeuvrability round corners and enhanced traction, Toyo tyres will serve you well and you can select from several tyre types in our collection, including winter and summer options.

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What type of Toyo tyres are available?

Weather changes can impact your car's performance, which is why this brand has developed incredible options for different seasons. These include:

Toyo summer tyres – Designed for when temperatures rise above 7°C, summer tyres offer better performance in dryer, warmer conditions. This is thanks to shallow tread depth, fewer sipes (sideways or zig-zagging grooves cut into the tread to get rid of water), and lower proportion of natural rubber, which allows for less friction on the roads.

Toyo winter tyres – The optimum time to fit winter tyres is when temperatures drop below 5-7°C. Winter tyres feature a higher amount of softer, natural rubber, a deeper tread, and more sipes so the tyres interlock with road surfaces better. This helps them to grip and brake better, keeping you safe in hazardous conditions such as icy roads.

Toyo all season tyres – All Season tyres are a combination of winter and summer tyres. They feature a balanced amount of natural rubber, and a tread depth in between that of winter and summer tyres, for a reliable driving experience all year round.

Our tyre offers extend beyond just cars too! We also have many options for motorhomes and vans available.

Our range of Toyo tyres

We stock some of the bestsellers from Toyo – all available to buy online. These include Toyo Proxes TR1, Toyo NanoEnergy, and the many variations of Toyo Open Country tyres too.  You can find the right Toyo tyres for your vehicle by entering your registration number or tyre size at the top of the page.


Why buy Toyo tyres from Just Tyres?

We're one of the UK's largest independent retailers and stock a wide range of Toyo tyres. We'll always offer impartial advice, so you can find the right tyres for your car. Here's why you should consider buying your Toyo tyres online with us:

  • Our price match guarantee lets us offer you the cheapest prices in the UK on Toyo tyres. Let us know if you find cheaper tyres elsewhere online and we'll match that price, then we'll knock a further 10% off to ensure we remain unbeaten on value!
  • We're confident that the tyres we sell you will never let you down, which is why we offer a five-year warranty on every tyre you buy online with us (T&Cs apply).
  • If you order tyres online before 10:30am on a weekday, then we'll aim to offer you a same day fitting
  • We're far more than just a tyre supplier. Just Tyres offers free car health checks for brakes and tyres as well as wheel alignment and balancing at our UK centres. Plus, you can learn more about your tyres and how to stay safe when driving in our Tyre Tips
  • We go above and beyond for our customers but don't just take our word for it – check out our Trustpilot reviews to see all the positive experiences we've created over the years.

Toyo Tyres FAQs

Learn all there is to know about Toyo tyres before completing your purchase by checking out the frequently asked questions below.

Are Toyo tyres any good?

Toyo is a premium brand that specialises in producing tyres with unrivalled traction and brake performance in all seasons. Some of the other reasons Toyo tyres are so good include:

  • Little noise output – Toyo uses its Silent-Wall technology in the tyres, which interrupts airflow as the tyre rotates. This results in a much quieter noise when driving.
  • Impressive fuel economy – The NanoEnergy range of tyres is designed with fuel efficiency in mind. This is done by developing a tread that creates less friction on the roads, ensuring tyres don't waste any energy as you move.

Are Toyo tyres budget-friendly?

Toyo offers brilliant tyres at affordable prices, which means it shouldn't cost the world to upgrade today. Plus, when you buy Toyo tyres online with Just Tyres, you can be confident that you're getting the best value for money thanks to our price match guarantee.

Who makes Toyo tyres?

Toyo tyres are manufactured by the Toyo Tire & Rubber Group, which is based in Japan.

Where are Toyo tyres manufactured?

The Toyo Tire & Rubber Group has several manufacturing facilities around the world including:

  • Osaka, Japan
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Thailand
  • Taiwan
  • China

How do I check my Toyo tyre's manufacturing date?

Checking the manufacturing date on your new Toyo tyres is easy – when you know where to look. You'll find this information on the sidewall of the tyre, and it should be in the form of a number up to 12 digits/letters long. Here's what all the numbers and letters mean:

  • First two digits/letters are the location of where they were manufactured.
  • Third and fourth digits/letters are the tyre size.
  • Fifth, sixth, and seventh digits/letters are the manufacturer identity number.
  • Final four letters are the week and year they were made. For example, 1223 would show that they were manufactured on the 12th week of 2023.

Buy your Toyo tyres online today

At Just Tyres, we stock a wide range of Toyo tyres and offer a high level of service, so you can be confident that you're getting the best options for your car. Our team of tyre experts offer impartial advice as we're an independent tyre supplier, so you can buy with confidence knowing we're matching you with the right tyres for your needs. What's more, we won't be beaten on price for Toyo tyres, which makes buying from us great for your pocket.

If you need any advice or guidance, then we're here to help. Contact us today or pop into your local Just Tyres centre, where our experts will be on hand to assist you.

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