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Why go for Kumho tyres?

Formed in 1960, Kumho now produces more than 68 million tyres every year. This brand owns three global research and development centres across Asia, North America and Europe, and its tyres are fitted as factory standard for world-leading names in motoring.

Renowned for technical excellence and long-lasting performance, Kumho tyres offer unparalleled value for money. The brand's partnerships with key vehicle manufacturers attest to its quality and consumer confidence. Some of the latest high-performance Kumho tyres use an innovative High Dispersible Micro-Silica (HDMS) compound, which reduces rolling resistance and wear but increases fuel efficiency.

You'll find Kumho tyres on cars, vans, trucks, F1 cars, fighter jets and civil aircraft. At Just Tyres, we're proud to stock a wide range of Kumho tyres to suit a variety of vehicles and requirements. With our unparalleled level of service, you can enjoy full confidence that you'll receive the right tyres for your style of driving.

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What are the different types of Kumho tyres?

There are Kumho tyre options that can effortlessly tackle the unique challenges of year-round driving. A few of the main types of Kumho tyres on offer include:

Kumho all-season tyres

Kumho all-season and summer tyres prioritise the ride feel in your car, without compromising on functionality. Expect year-round performance, comfort and high levels of safety when you choose a Kumho all-season tyre.

The Kumho Ecowing ES31 model, for example, is designed to offer improved fuel efficiency for passenger cars, with a smooth ride too. It features the same advanced silica compound seen in the brand's performance tyres but is one of the cheaper Kumho tyres available.

Kumho winter tyres

Winter tyres are designed for the change in surface conditions expected when the temperatures drop below 5-7°C. With heavy rain, snow and ice, the roads become hazardous for drivers, which calls for tyres with better traction and increased handling ability.

Kumho winter tyres make it easier to handle and stop your car in the snow, as well as bolstering braking distance in the wet. Some models feature studs or spikes, while others focus on directional tread for increased traction and hydroplane resistance.

Kumho ultra-high-performance tyres

Kumho ultra-high-performance (UHP) tyres are designed for refined, stable driving with exceptional handling and braking performance, regardless of the surface conditions.

An example is the Kumho PS71 sports performance tyre. Designed to deliver smooth and stable driving with superior braking performance in all weather conditions, this is the type of Kumho tyre you should choose if you'd like to get the best value and enjoyment out of your vehicle.

Which Kumho car tyres can you buy at Just Tyres?

From the everyday all-rounder to performance-focused Kumho tyres, we're proud to offer a varied selection of superb options here at Just Tyres. Using our Find Your Tyres tool, you can enter your car details or tyre dimensions at the top of the page to find out which model will be best suited.

Why choose Just Tyres for Kumho tyres?

If you're looking to buy Kumho tyres online from a reputable retailer, we can help. We go above and beyond to make sure you're completely happy with your tyres when you drive away. When you choose us, you'll benefit from the following:

  • Thanks to our price match guarantee, we won't be beaten on price. If you ever find cheap Kumho tyres on another website, we'll aim to match the same offer – with a further 10% discount for you!
  • We know that we provide quality tyres, so we offer a five-year warranty to prove our confidence. Our Kumho tyres are supplied from the best brands, with the latest technologies used in the manufacturing process.
  • If you place your order before 10:30am on a weekday, we can offer same-day tyre fittings. We understand that, when you're pressed for time, every effort counts.
  • We've received thousands of 'Excellent' ratings on Trustpilot. We're proud to provide unmatched customer service, and we'll always go the extra mile to keep you safe on the roads.
  • Our experts will happily offer plenty of vehicle safety checks when you call by one of our centres. These include wheel alignment, tyre inspections and brake health checks, plus many other checks and services to keep things running smoothly.
  • We've shared our very own top Tyre Tips online – so you know where to go if you'd like to learn more about looking after your new Kumho tyres.

Kumho tyres online FAQs

Who makes Kumho tyres?

There's no separate Kumho tyre manufacturer. However, the Kumho tyre brand is a subsidiary of the Doublestar budget tyre brand.

Where are Kumho tyres made?

Kumho operates three manufacturing facilities in South Korea and three in China, alongside R&D centres on three continents.

Are Kumho car tyres any good?

Yes. Kumho tyres are internationally renowned for their quality and value. As three-time winners of the prestigious Red Dot Award, Kumho equips a range of commercial and domestic vehicles with functional, durable tyres.

According to genuine customer reviews on TyreReviews, 87% of customers who bought the Kumho Cowing ES31 tyres would buy the same model again. If this repeat custom isn't enough to convince you, it's worth remembering that Kumho tyres are some of the most competitively priced on the market.

How much are Kumho tyres?

You'll find cheap Kumho tyres alongside more expensive models for sale online. With Just Tyres, you should expect to pay at least £67 for one Kumho summer tyre but, if you're looking for high-performance models or those with extra features, you will pay more.

How do I know if I've got Kumho run-flat tyres?

Before you buy Kumho tyres, you should decide whether you'd prefer standard tyres or run flat versions. The main difference is that run-flat Kumho tyres will be able to withstand lower pressures, whereas standard tyres need frequent pressure checks and top-ups.

Kumho indicates that a particular model of tyre is a run-flat type by printing XRP on its sidewall.

Is Kumho a good tyre brand for durability?

Generally, Kumho tyres should last you between five and 10 years, especially if they're well maintained. You can extend the lifespan of your Kumho tyres through your driving style and maintenance. Good habits include:

  • Keeping the correct tyre pressure
  • Not overloading your car's recommended maximum load weight
  • Avoiding harsh braking and aggressive driving
  • Keeping good wheel alignment

How good are Kumho tyres in the wet?

All-season and winter Kumho tyres include features that give you more grip. If you're planning to use Kumho tyres in winter, it's important to choose a model that's suited to slippery conditions.

Are Kumho tyres premium?

No. In the UK, Kumho tyres fall into the mid-range tyre category – but you can still get excellent value for money with this brand. No matter whether you choose cheap Kumho tyres or a set from its high-performance lines, you'll benefit from world-class technologies and quality materials.

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