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Michelin Tyre Company Ltd was incorporated in 1905 and is one of the biggest tyre brands around. They're known for creating quality products that you can rely on time and again. With a wide range of options available from all seasons to specialist sports tyres, Michelin is a name to trust.

You can order cheap Michelin tyres online from Just Tyres. Simply select the Michelin tyres you want and confirm a fitting slot in one of our centres around the UK.

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Which Michelin Tyres do we sell?

From the Michelin PS4 (Pilot Sport 4) to the Primacy 4 and CrossClimate2 tyres, there's an option for most vehicles in our extensive online collection. Browse them below or use the tool at the top of the page for a tailored set of results.

Why Buy Michelin Tyres at Just Tyres?

If you're looking for a huge selection of Michelin tyres at great prices, then choosing Just Tyres is the best way to get just that. Here are some other reasons you should shop with us:

  • As an independent supplier, we can offer impartial advice to help you find the right tyres for your car. So, whether it's Michelin or one of the other tyre brands we stock, we'll make sure you get great tyres at the cheapest
  • Our price match guarantee means that we offer you the best prices in the UK for Michelin tyres. This means that if you find cheaper tyres elsewhere, then we'll match it and add a 10% discount to that price too.
  • We're confident that our tyres will serve you well on the roads and perform at the standard you expect. That's why we offer five years of warranty on every tyre you buy online with us (T&Cs apply).
  • If you're in a hurry to get your tyres fitted, then we also offer same-day tyre fitting on some of our tyres. These need to be ordered online before 10:30 on a weekday to qualify for this.
  • Our services don't stop once you've had your new tyres fitted. You can also get free brake safety, wheel balancing and tyre safety checks. If we find any problems, then we'll provide a quote to fix them and start the work once we get your approval.
  • We want to provide fantastic customer experiences whenever you shop with us. That's why so many past customers have rated us as 'Excellent' on Trustpilot. You can also learn more about your vehicle by checking out our tyre tips once you’re done shopping.

Michelin Car Tyres FAQs

Before looking for Michelin tyre deals with us, you may want to learn more about them to make sure it's the brand for you. Check out the FAQs below to find out more.

Are Michelin Tyres Good?

Michelin tyres are better than good. Not only are these tyres renowned for performance, reliability and durability, but they also won tyre manufacturer of the year for the 6th time in March 2023 at the Tire Technology Expo in Hanover, Germany.

How long do Michelin Tyres last?

Michelin car tyres can last anywhere between five to 10 years on average. Each tyre tends to be able to travel between 45,000 to 85,000 miles. However, there are several reasons for faster tyre deterioration which include:  

  • Driving with a heavy carload
  • Taking corners too fast
  • Braking harshly
  • Driving on under-inflated tyres
  • Avoid these and you'll get more value for money and enjoy your Michelin tyres for longer.

Where are Michelin Tyres made?

Although Michelin is a French company, they actually manufacture tyres in many different countries across multiple continents. These countries include:

  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Poland
  • Serbia
  • Spain
  • Thailand
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

The head office in the UK is based in Stoke-on-Trent and Michelin car tyres are created in its Dundee factory.

How to check Michelin tyre manufacturing dates

Understanding how to check your car tyre's age and expiry date is a great way to know when you need to find a new set of tyres.

You can check the age of your tyres by looking in your sidewall and finding the number beside the letters DOT. You'll find the manufacturing date in the last four digits of this number. For example, the end of the number may say '2023'. The 20 means they were made on the 20th week of the year and the 23 shows the year they were made too.

There is no specific expiry date on Michelin tyres, but you can simply add their 5-10 years life expectancy to their manufacture date to get a rough estimate of the expiry date.  

Can you repair Michelin tyres?

Michelin's tyres can usually be repaired by professionals but it will depend on the specific puncture that your tyres have suffered. We'd be happy to take a look for you and will always do our best to find a solution to your puncture when you book your car in with us.

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At Just Tyres we stock a wide range of Michelin tyres that can be fitted at a centre near you. The friendly customer service we offer will also make your shopping experience as simple as possible for your peace of mind.

Our team of tyre experts can help you decide on the right choice of tyre by finding out more about your usual driving needs and what is important to you like longevity, road noise or budget. 

We're always here to help, so be sure to contact us today or pop into your local Just Tyres centre if you need any advice or guidance.

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