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Pirelli is a leading brand in the tyre industry and has been the sole manufacturer and supplier to the Formula 1 racing teams since 2011. You can get racing performance and unparalleled safety standards when you choose Pirelli for your tyre upgrade today. Create a personalised list of suitable Pirelli tyres for your car by entering your registration number and tyre size below.

About Pirelli tyres

Pirelli was founded in 1872 and now has 18 factories worldwide. With a passion for high-end performance tyres, Pirelli aims to be the world leader in tyre developments. It employs over 2,000 people in research and development to improve its product range in performance, safety, and environmental impact.

This tyre brand specialises in safety and grip and has created innovative technology for its tyres. This includes the Pirelli Noise Cancelling System™, Pirelli Run Flat™, and Pirelli Seal Inside™ which lets your tyre self-seal in the event of a puncture to keep you on the roads for longer.

What are the different types of Pirelli tyres?

You can expect new challenges on the road whenever the seasons change, which is why Pirelli has developed an impressive collection of tyres that can handle the demands of cold and warm conditions. These include:

Pirelli summer tyres – As temperatures rise in summer, you'll need a tyre that won't get soft while you're driving as this can result in poor fuel economy. The best time to get a set of summer tyres fitted is when temperatures rise above 7°C. The reason they work well in summer is because they have a lower amount of natural rubber, shallower tread depth, and fewer sipes (sideways or zig-zagging grooves cut into the tread to get rid of water) for lighter traction on dry roads.

Pirelli winter tyres – You'll need softer tyres, deeper treads, and more sipes when roads become icy or covered in snow to provide increased road grip. The increased amount of natural rubber in winter tyres gives them their softness and these should be fitted when temperatures drop below 5-7°C.

Pirelli all season tyres – All season tyres offer a blend of summer and winter tyres. They have less natural rubber than winter tyres but more than summer ones, which offers you a balanced drive all year round, meaning you generally won't have to switch your tyres around throughout the year.

It's not just cars that Pirelli make tyres for either as you can pick up motorhome or van tyres from our online range too.

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Which Pirelli tyres do we sell at Just Tyres?

Our online range of Pirelli tyres features many of the best options available such as the Scorpion, P Zero, and P7. Each offers an impressive driving experience and enhanced safety features. Look at the entire range below and don't forget to enter your registration number or tyre size at the top of the page to view options that fit your car.

Why buy Pirelli tyres from Just Tyres?

Get some of the best offers in the UK on Pirelli tyres when you shop at Just Tyres. Alongside our impressive range, you'll also get the following:

  • We offer the cheapest prices in the UK for Pirelli tyres thanks to our price match guarantee. Should you find your tyres cheaper elsewhere online, then we'll match it and take a further 10% off to ensure you get the best price!
  • You'll get a five-year warranty with any tyre you buy online too (T&Cs apply). This is because we're confident that the high-quality brands we stock won't let you down.
  • You can get same day fitting when you order tyres online before 10:30am on a weekday.
  • Our services don't stop with a tyre fitting either. You can also have your brakes, wheel alignment, and existing tyres checked for free. We'll then provide a quote to fix any issues and we'll start the repairs once we have your approval.
  • The positive Trustpilot reviews we've had over the years prove how highly our customers rate our services. And you can check out our Tyre Tips section to read about anything tyre-related, from safely changing a flat to an explanation of car tyre markings.

Pirelli tyres FAQs

Want to feel confident and informed when you buy Pirelli tyres? Check out our frequently asked questions below.

Are Pirelli tyres good?

Pirelli is one of the most popular suppliers in the world and produces quality tyres that excel in comfort, safety, durability, and unrivalled handling. These are just some of the reasons it's the sole supplier of tyres in F1 and why you should consider buying this premium brand.

What's more, Pirelli has won many awards over the years. One of its most recent being the Hevea award for best technological innovation in the tyre industry for its Elect technology package. Each tyre is packed full of the latest tyre tech too, so you can trust Pirelli to provide exceptional performance on the road.

Where are Pirelli tyres made?

Although headquartered in Milan, Italy, Pirelli manufactures tyres across many countries to ensure the global demand for these premium tyres can be met. These include:

  • Italy
  • Russia
  • Romania
  • Poland
  • India
  • Brazil
  • Mexico

Are Pirelli P Zero tyres any good?

The P Zero tyre offering from Pirelli is one of the best all season options available. Known for its top-notch handling, braking capabilities, and superb acceleration, this model lets you get the most out of your car and elevates your driving experience.

Safety is at the heart of these stylish-looking tyres too, with an asymmetric tread design that makes driving in wet conditions easier and reduces the risk of aquaplaning. Plus, its S-shaped sipes help to decrease road noise to make your drive quieter and more comfortable.

Are Pirelli P Zero tyres run flat?

The P Zero range of Pirelli tyres does have a run flat offering. This is an enhanced version of this popular tyre and is designed to keep you moving for longer – even after you've suffered a puncture or tear.   

Can Pirelli tyres be repaired?

Pirelli tyres can be repaired but it will depend on the severity of the tear or puncture. If you're unsure if your Pirelli tyre puncture can be repaired, then book your car in for a free tyre check. Our experts will let you know if it can be fixed or if you'll need a new Pirelli tyre.

Are Pirelli P7 tyres any good?

Pirelli P7 tyres are a great option for summer and feature the latest cutting-edge technology –Pirelli Run Flat™, Pirelli Noise Cancelling System™ and Seal Inside™. You can depend on these tyres to serve you well for a long time – so long as you drive properly – and they deliver brilliant braking and handling performance too.

The polymer tread design on this Pirelli tyre has been created to provide you with better traction, comfort, and fuel efficiency.

How long do Pirelli car tyres last?

Pirelli tyres can last up to 65,000 miles before you'll need a new set. It's important to check your tread depth frequently, however, as this will indicate if you need to replace them or not. There are some ways to prevent rapid tyre wear too and these include:

  • Avoid driving with a heavy carload
  • Don't brake harshly or corner at high speeds
  • Keep tyres at the right inflation levels
  • Make sure the wheels are properly aligned

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