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Tyre Safety Checks



Each October is designated as Tyre Safety Month, where all of the tyre industry come together to raise awareness of the need to ensure drivers check their tyres on a regular basis.

Why October?  This month usually signafies the start of the colder season where frost and wet weather hamper the road conditions and your vehicles tyres need to be in top condition to peform well under these conditions and will reduce the risks to you, your passengers and all road users.  With that in mind TyreSafe, now a registered charity, support the industry in raising awareness of the importance of these checks.  

At Just Tyres we are passionate about our customer safety and offer free year round tyre safety checks including the tyre pressure, tread depth and condition.  Whilst it may seem natural to some drivers to check their tyre condition on a regular basis, research carried out by Tyresafe paints a very different picture.

Over 340,000 tyre tread depths were surveyed across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and they found that more than one in four British motorists are replacing their tyres when they were already illegal!  This equates to there being over 10 million potentially illegal and dangerous tyres on our roads during 2016.  We are sure you will agree this is a staggering figure and one that we want to help to reduce, hence the reason for offering free tyre safety checks and all of our 38 tyre centres.

We recommend that you check your tyres at least once a month and before every long journey, look at the condition of the tyre, are there any bulges or places where the tyre has cracked?  Is the tread depth of each of your tyres above the legal limit of 1.6mm across the central three quarters of each tyre?  Check the tyre pressure and make sure that it is inflated to the required level, details of which can be found in your vehicle user guide, or usually in the petrol cap or door sill of your vehicle.

If you don't feel confident in checking your tyres, or don't have the facility to do so, please come along to your local Just Tyres centre, where we will carry out a full tyre health check free of charge and no pressure to buy anything, we just want to ensure that you remain safe on your journey.

To find your local Just Tyres centre visit our fitters page or call us on 0333 220 5071 or why not book an appointment online and one of our friendly tyre experts will be happy to assist.

Customer services: 0333 220 5071 [email protected] Calls are recorded for training purposes

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